Jul 11, 2014

Edge of desire

Where will you and I be,
at the edge of desire…
when it fades away
with the last rays of the fading light.
Will the dark draw us closer?
or will we lose our way?
and in its midst will wonder,
if love is all it takes.


Siddhartha Joshi said...

Gorgeous shot Aditi...
-- Srinagar's floating vegetable market

Subhor said...

Love your writing. Eerily similar to mine but more refined. More power to your pen or keyboard :)

Aditi Das Patnaik said...

Thank you! this is quite the reminder for me to start writing again, it seems like its been a while.

Subhor said...

:) you really should. It would be a crime for you not to. My own blog is at musingsbysubhor.blogspot.in. Go through that when you get some time. Would appreciate your feedback on that.