Mar 30, 2014

Notes from a road trip: the earth

The roads around Western Ghats are narrow, usually double lane, with a generous amount of potholes in stretches. That said, it still entices you to take a leap of faith.  In those often deserted roads one witnesses the landscape changing from dense forests to sparser bamboo groves to sometimes vast tracts of paddy fields before finally breaking through these, are the tropical palms and coconut trees closer to the coast.

It was somewhere along these roads that Kirsten introduced me to the OST of Inside Llewyn Davis and especially the song 500 miles sung by Justin Timberlake and Carey Mulligan, soulful and full of a rush of childhood memories beckoning a time altogether elsewhere. 

There are glimpses of the winding road
Children playing along the way
And one among them who smiled the widest
He took my heart away.

The circles drawn in the sand
Etched by the seashells washed ashore
Alongside we painted two little people
To whom a likeness we bore.

And somewhere on that earth
With not a soul around
I think I left a piece of me
Or maybe a bit of me I found.