Jan 12, 2013

Lessons from vibrant Gujarat

A road trip to Gujarat marking the end of 2012 and heralding 2013 summed up life rather well complete with an exhilarating experience that this part of India promises along with several reality checks that one encounters on such journeys. The trip included 1900 kms by car starting from Ahmedabad and another 500 kms backpacking on public buses. Here is the route map I covered and along the way I learnt that...
  1. any journey including life doesn't quite turn out the way we plan it. It is enjoyable nonetheless and when we forego some experiences we have others in its place.
  2. being kind is always a matter of choice
  3. likewise, allowing situations to affect you is also well within our control
  4. an old learning got re-iterated which I still have trouble implementing, which is, not having expectations surprises you in myriad ways.
More stories, pictures to come as I begin to document this journey