Jun 27, 2012

Of colours and dreams

Blowing bubbles one summer day in Central Park, NY, USA

I know not what dreams you spin
Or the numerous colours you weave 
as the light bounces off
and leaves the trees
dancing in the breeze

And in a moment the bubble bursts
and the colours fade away
And just as a new one emerges
it dreams anew this day


Anonymous said...

Countless bubbles...countless dreams!!!The heart is innocent...it knows only to yearn, lest.....the dreams vanish long before I open my eyes....and feel the vacuum...
.....lakshmi ravi..

Aditi, beautiful lines...I do not know your context but I can relate so much to mine..so just gave in mine! After a long time(17 jan you wrote "...but her eyes are your eys..") I saw this one...really touched..!!

Lakshmi Ravi