Jan 17, 2012

... but her eyes are yours

You came back in flashes,
among the vastness of the land;
in the dark silhouettes of a falling dusk;
dancing in the amber glow
of a dying winter fire.

The fog lifts, as the light shines,
illuminating the dusty turquoise door;
She peeps from the corner
the folds of her scarf held firmly,
between her teeth,
but her eyes are yours.


Anonymous said...

Hello Aditi,

Just bumped into your blog, few months back....I on and off do follow your pages but silently..I must say this time the last last four lines of poem "but her eyes are yours" are amazing...I am stuck there....it just makes me numb...takes me back to the days of anthology presentations of De La Mare walter and Keats! These days everyone writes but class is something which seems to be lost! Kudos to you.

Lots of regards
Lakshmi Ravi

Aditi Das Patnaik said...

Lakshmi Ravi,

Thanks much for viewing the blog, but more importantly writing a note. Its delightful to hear from you, especially such lofty words of praise. Thank you so much.


Anonymous said...

My pleasure Aditi!