May 31, 2011

Letters to Lois: Daura & Longa Thatch

The trek from Maylee to Daura Thatch that day would take us to 11,300 ft at the highest campsite of the entire route. While the route itself was quite uneventful, the snow peaks around seemed more at eye-level. The route had by then curved around to overlook Manali and everything in the town seemed awfully tiny. We sat around on rocks for one last time in the forests before reaching Daura from where largely the great white expanse of the snow starts, overlooking the blue faraway mountains and the Kullu Valley.

We reached Daura, got rid of the backpacks and started trekking ahead towards Pandav Rocks located at roughly 12,000 ft. At some point I sat by and stared for a long time at the soaring eagles circling about the mountains, graceful in their flight. Riding the cold wind, rising, falling with an enviable ease and a sense of freedom I longed for, beyond a two week hiatus.

The next day's trek to Longa Thatch was perhaps a long one, made awfully pleasant with all the snow. We attacked each other with numerous snowballs, made snow angels and slid down the mountain sides with great gusto at 12,700ft close to the Saurkhundi pass and the highest point of the trek. Somewhere along this route, i think we all left behind a little bit of our inhibitions, let go a little more and re-discovered being a child just for a bit.


Vivek said...

Riding the cold wind, rising, falling with an enviable ease. Freedom you long soaring eagles.