Nov 10, 2010

Faces & Places - Bhutan Diaries - (part 1 of 4)

Memories of having spent ten days in Bhutan comes back as random instances of faces and places, interleaved and mingling as if the divide created between man and nature did not hold true in this land. Calm and serene Bhutan has a way of encompassing you in its gentle folds. Bhutan breathes of serenity and has a way of making your heart ache with a longing for it long after you've left its soil.

As I look around, resplendent shades of green meet the eye, green turning gradually to ochre, yellow and even red in anticipation of the oncoming winter. Rivers that run right by the town, rippling clean and in shades of brilliant blue. But most of all, its the people and the places which all seem part of a harmonious natural existence; nothing out of place; all merging into a mystical charming world, famed as "The Last Shangri-La".

The first of the faces are those of Manisha and Suvarna, my companions for the trip. Manisha has a way with people, she is quick to endear herself to locals and tourists alike and is credibly good with logistics. While Suvarna has a calm maturity about herself, she is persevering and tremendously patient. Its been a pleasure exploring the land of the thunder dragon with two motivated ladies.