May 19, 2010

...a moment in time

A tryst with vast spaces
sprawling greens greet the eye,
with a mountain song rustling
in tall trees that heave a sigh;

long conversations over longer evenings
mellow moments with people unknown
the white beauty of the moon seeps in,
and flows by, like the river below.

and years later i reckon a mellow mood
and sift through time of eons ago,
numerous stories all fleeting by
yet not one to hold close.

And yet the road beckons once more
into spaces far and wide,
to craft an instant of hope
that lingers on beyond the night.


Meg said...

Wow! Amazing I must say!

Hi, My name is meg.. Even I am an indian like you and even out blog titles are sort of similiar...

My blog is called cynical vagabond... I call myself I vagabond because I have shifited almost 5 times... also because I wander alot.. in my mind...

Read the very first post(from the bottom... the first post i wrote) on my blog and you will now why I just said we are similar...

I already follow your blog! Thanks!

Scribblers Inc said...

"I decided to drench myself
in thirsting drops of rain
people failed to see my joy
and declared me insane..."

exquisite poetry there...

Scribblers Inc.

toink said...

ilove your poetry.,it's very ever reads dis blog will be tocuhed..