May 11, 2010


Chilka Lake is perhaps Orissa's best kept secret. Every year Bengali's flock to this place by the hundreds as do the migratory birds, but apart from these two species, most of India is barely familiar with this place. Orissa as a state has done little in terms of tourism promotion,
and perhaps its best left that way

On a journey across Orissa, when i stopped one morning at the edge of the Chilka Lake at Rambha, it did feel like the meeting place of the earth and the skies, not far in the horizon, but around me enveloping in one glorious sunrise. The early rays of the sun gently played on the fishing boats that were moored and large nets in the water, stirring in its stillness. An odd boatman framed against the rising sun, with his long bamboo pole, used as an oar.

Birds flew overhead, gulls, cormorants, kites, kingfishers, and a host of others, slowly dwindling in number as the pollution levels of the Chilka lake increases owing to the use of motor boats.
Rambha, thankfully has mostly row boats and we set sail with Babu and his twin brother Susil. [If you're around there call them @+91-9937226378/9777124603] They accompanied us for over three hours, pointing out birds, interacting with the local fishermen, identifying various kinds of fishes that were the catch of the day. And most importantly letting me be, to hear the bird calls and the sound of the water lapping by the boat as the bamboo cut through it.

There are moments when i experience a sense of oneness with the universe, to lose my identity and merge with the surroundings, its easily done in Chilka.


Rahul said...

Wow Aditi- am blown away. Got here through the communities link. Awesome pictures. Will check out the other posts also.


Goli said...

I had a chance to see the Chilka lake from the bus window, when we were going to gram vikas, and it stretched and stretched :). Want to go there sometime.

k said...

Came by your blog while looking for info on yercaud. Nice stuff here. Its really nice to see someone who likes travel so much. Chilka is next on my list of places to visit.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...


I must say it honestly that "I love the way you think", rather than saying "i love the way you write", as that is an outcome of the thoughts!

Way to go, Kudos