Feb 15, 2010

Coastal Karnataka

Traveling has largely been a learning process for me, some bit of that mixed with discovering cultures and people. Add a dash of fun and adventure and voila! its a pretty heady mix.

However, traveling with Amrita, proposed new levels of hilarity which i had not discovered yet. We covered the Mangalore to Gokarna trail, stopping by as they proverbially say to smell the flowers and experience the road along the way.

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We spent a few hours in Mangalore, enough to take a leisurely tour of the St. Aloysius Chapel, renowned for its paintings done during 1899-1900 by Br. Antonio Moscheni s.j. (1854-1905). Breakfast happened at Woodlands, lovely idli-wada's combined with steaming coffee.

Malpe was calling, as we headed out towards Udupi and to Malpe thereafter to get to St. Mary's Island.
It is famous for its rocks, which have crystallized into columns and split into hexagonal mosaic. A motley lot gathered at the boat, the young, the old and ofcourse at "young-at-heart". Men well past their youth

making feeble attempts at reclaiming it with fancy dark glasses, tight tees, colored straw hats combined with raucous singing and dancing. All cacophony aside, its a lovely little island, quaint, with coconut trees and sprinkled with couples taking a break over the weekend.

From Malpe we headed out to Udupi, visited the Krishna Temple, and the much famed Diana. But what made the day was Crab Masala and Prawn Puli Munchi combined with Neer Dosa from a tiny place called Sagar Fast Foods.

We took an ad hoc stop at Marwanthe, just to experience a bit of the boat ride on the Souparnika River, which had a very backwater feel, this combined with having the beach all to ourselves was quite a treat.

Gokarna was the last place, lively with a host of tourists, a star studded night and a brilliant sunset and sunrise over the Arabian Sea. There is something about the sunrises and sunsets, they make you stop short, drop anything you're doing and captivates.


sindhu said...

Growing up in coastal Karnataka, I never realized the beauty of it, be it the small narrow lanes, the coconut trees, the distinct culture which the people still follow with so much fervor. But the moment I moved out, I knew I was lucky to grow up there :).
reading the piece brought loads of memories and a smile :)

I hope you had a good time there :)

junk said...

stayed at a beautiful resort in marwanthe called turtle bay, unspoilt and beautiful, it also gives you the option for deep sea diving, which should be fascinating, with the corals