Feb 8, 2010

Shravanabelagola - Mulekote - Kambadahalli

First post of the year and as always the resolution to be more regular and prompt at updating this space looks squarely at me. The task although daunting, tirelessly demands a piece of me that I am more than willing to engage.

So here's the route i took to spend a starry night by an unknown lake. My knowledge of Jainism as a religion is quite limited in the sense that it is drawn purely from history books read long ago wi
th much indifference. The last weekend was dedicated to places of interest from a Jain perspective of Shravanabelagola - Melukote - Kambadahalli.

Shravanabelagola hou
ses the 58 foot monolithic statue of the Gomateshwara, a beautiful monolithic piece built by Chavundaraya, a general in the Western Ganga Dynasty. This is located on the Vindhyagiri Hill. Facing the Vindhyagiri is the Chandragiri hill (locally referred to as Chikkabetta) atop which sits a host of Jain basadis (Jain temple/Shrine) the most prominent of which was the one built in memory of the erstwhile king Chandragupta Maurya. Most of the structures around here date back to the 10th century. The town has a few eateries of which I will recommend Hotel Raghu and clean place with mouthwatering food. The thali is a definite choice, which the snack items of Idlis, Khara bath (Upma), Wada's & Dosa's are worth a mention as well.


Melukote boasts of the Cheluvanarayanswamy Temple and the Yoga-Narasimhaswamy Temple among
a host of other Basadi's. The Cheluvanarayan swamy temple boasts of intricately carved stone pillars each of which are distinct and astoundingly beautiful. The town also boasts of small eateries with delicious Puliogare (tamarind Rice) and Idli's/Dosai's among the few I visited are SampathKumar's and Ganesh Tiffin. About two kilometers outside the town is a fairly large lake, where I camped. A starry night spent with nothing else to think of except the gorgeous lake fading away in the dusk is a feeling to cherish, and possibly hold close for a long time.

The Yoga-Narasimha temple perched on the top of the hill sparkled overlooking the lake. Its a starkly peaceful feeling to wake up to a myriad of calls of the peacock, pied kingfishers, egrets, sparrows, swallows and a host of other birds and to watch the sun light up the sky gradually.

Kambadahalli, about 18kms Nagamangala was the surprise package with the Panchkuta basadi. The drive around these roads are beautiful with little slices of rural life and culture to soak in. There is interesting conversation all along peppered with snacks of Bananas, Jackfruit and Neera (freshly tapped Palm nectar)


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