Feb 16, 2010

Notes on a Valentines day

A grain of sand misplaced,
on the page, as I scrawl; looking across the expanse of the beach,
the waves gently lapping.
My gaze meets the eyes of a man walking up,
he sits in a quite corner of the otherwise sonorous cafe;
a lean body with spots all over, intriguing eyes with a longing gaze;
he lets them wander around the room,
to settle on a couple deep in embrace, they look up
just as his gaze shifts to the man on the hammock,
reading 'a fine balance', across a lady immersed in her own.

Its a full day at the cafe, with couples tucked away
and some groups of motley people with a longing
that i can't place.

And i continue to ponder, as he moves across the room,
Our eyes meet briefly and then he walks past,
still lonesome in his gaze.