Feb 23, 2010

Hampi Hues: Blue

Hampi, in my memory today comes back vividly as a medley of colors, the skies were clear and a deep blue. I went about on my little pink cycle, paused by random roads alongside many a spattering of temples, and looked upon this huge expanse of a rocky land against the blue. I remember feeling as much and marveling at how much needed to be fixed, nagging issues dripping and draining me like a leaky faucet. And with a sweeping philosophical bent i was keen to declare that the answer lay within, but i can't deny that the actions lay out there, to be committed to one painful step at a time.

That in itself is a continuous process. When I reflect upon myself, there is much hypocrisy to deal with, a lot of vileness to come to terms with, but mostly it is in random places like these that I can sense the beauty, the serenity and the little piece that I am in the context of my world. And i sit down to think, wonder what to write. My thoughts wander from the places I visited, to the people I met or the food I ate, but mostly it comes around and settles on the silence. The vast moments of 'silence' that can be felt in a very tangible sort of way.

And then again the silence is broken, by the laughter of a hundred children, milling about excitedly in a temple while the accompanying teacher tries in vain to impart some of the history of the place. It's broken when interesting conversation happens with fellow travellers. And once in a while it's broken by a random traveller sitting there strumming on his guitar and singing a song, as if paradoxically, 'The sounds of silence'.

I'd like to believe that every once in a while I travel alone to get some fresh perspective on life and re-haul things from their beaten track. But the truth is that I just travel...everything else happens alongside.


junk said...

very keen on visiting hampi,but apprehensive about the heat