May 7, 2009

All the little things...

So here's the deal, I seldom recall or miss the big things about my folks, like you know the education, the values and all the grand stuff. What I often miss are the little things, the nice ones, often even the annoying ones.

1. like Ma/Baba lying down next to me when waking me up on lazy mornings
2. Ma always saving the big pieces of mango (or any favorite food for that matter)
3. Baba teaching me to ride his Bajaj scooter one fine morning
4. Baba's cold cold cheek on mine, right after returning from work, to check the temperature when i fell ill.
5. Ma laboring over "pithe" or other delicacy just for a change
6. Baba narrating us his childhood memories of Jamshedpur, everytime we passed by a certain street or house
7. Baba waking me up for morning walks when i least wanted to go
8. Baba, calling out for Ma and without fail inquiring when i was as soon as he got back from work
9. Ma singing "O tota pakhi re" or "Se aamar chotto pakhi Chondona" to put me to sleep
10. For always putting more vegetables in the Maggi, than the noodles themselves.

and perhaps most of all for forgiving, everything small and large.


Sneha Vachhaney said...

I loved reading this. Beautifully written and your mom looks beautiful :)

Navreet said...

Love anties pic.. and love them both ...ummmahhhh !

Reading this made me feel like calling uncle ....