Sep 8, 2008

...How i wonder what you are...

I wonder, when was the last time i sat and wondered about a chance discovery and was thrilled by it. Meeting Dadu, bestowed upon me just such a thought as to why and when i stopped wondering.

As children, we continue to discover things around us. As adults, we tend to hide away that wonder, fearing just someone to come by and ridicule our lack of that specific knowledge (in all honestly i have found myself doing that more often than not). Growing up in the years where self image reigned supreme i remember Asha Aunty instilling these basic feelings. She once wrote to me, while i was in college, mentioning the chance discovery of a pigeon feather and the colors it contained. Subsequently, the wonderment has waned if not died completely.

Of late, Dadu, discovered the Television remote control. How thrilled he was at the discovery. Now before you assume, let me clarify that he's had a TV with a remote as long as i can remember (or atleast for a decade). Its just that he's never ventured to that part of the house. That day he discovered the remote and he also discovered "Kulfi". It was a pleasure to see him marvel at the lingering tase of sweetness and what i've known as mundane and somewhere i thought to myself if i still had the potential to let go and simply wonder.