Mar 25, 2008

The Road to Hampi

The hills greet you from afar; a looming mass of blue-green on the horizon. As you reach closer to Hospet (a 338km from Bangalore, India via Chitradurga & Kudligi) the hills contrast vastly with the reddish soil resulting from the region (Bellary-Hospet) being a iron-ore mining belt.

But first one step back, the journey to Hampi (12kms from Hospet) although premeditated got truncated by a day leaving us two days. One day each to enjoy the drive by the lush Karnataka country side; greener due to a sudden spell of rain last weekend.

Tired, was how i started out, sleeping quite a bit of the onward journey to Hospet almost wondering if a washed out weekend would do justice to the trip. A common fallacy of worrying more about the destination than the journey itself. We took frequent breaks, small time eateries, tea breaks, the Reliance A1 plaza near Chitradurga made it all pleasant.

As you approach Chitradurga, the hills on the horizon is dotted by windmills, first a few can be spotted which soon turns up in huge numbers rotating in its own pace. We even thought of not going any further and camping right there, but the gray clouds seemed menacing and we drove on.

We reached Hampi, went around the market and visited the Verupakshi Temple. The weather kept us from going out for a trek but the rains and the cloudy mist did have its charms and lent a certain softness to the austerity that is suffused in the rocky scape of Hampi. The wafting mist makes a pretty picture in tones of gray and brown of the Hampi rocks. A second trip is definitely on the cards.