Feb 29, 2008

Sky High

While walking today morning, i looked up to see an aeroplane flying overhead. It was low enough to be recognized as a part of the "Kingfisher" brand. And suddenly the act of looking up was a wonder filled moment, experienced long ago while as a child, when spotting aeroplanes in the sky was a rare phenomenon.

Sometimes when i think of a time years and years ago, it was unfathomable for me to be where i am now. The possibility of opening up the unimaginable while not new to me, is certainly not something i have put to practice either. The hope of the unattainable or the fear of recognition of who i can possibly be is at the same time both awe inspiring and random, for sky is not the limit.


Abhinav Goyal said...

what is the limit?

Aditi Das Patnaik said...

I guess its defined by each individual!