Jan 24, 2008

A night before a wedding

A night before a wedding, my wedding at that, while being strangely being devoid of anxiety is sleepless nonetheless. The time between Paris and now strangely seems to have dissolved into a nothingness i had not planned for about three months back.

Now when i look back at the time of the last post, i do recall a lot of activities planned which just does not seem to have materialized in this interim. Things unsaid and undone comes back and questions my priorities and fundamentally makes me wonder if i have been paying attention to life in general or just trying to deal with one day at a time and have been caught in the mundane.

While tomorrow seems so full of promises there is so much tonight is still worthy of accomplishing. For starters if you're reading this it does mean in some small way you care enough and its a happy thought even as i write this. I am getting married to Kunal and i hope its a blast.


Abhinav Goyal said...

Of course it will be. You deserve all the happiness in the world. :)

Oye, and send me your phone number (or call me up). I managed to delete my entire contacts list from my phone :(

Navreet said...

It sure will be a blast and u'll rock... yo !

Sri said...

Aditi, congratulations - and all the best in the new journey. this was your first post after I subscribed to your feed. Some of us are a little bit ahead of you (with 16 years on now of marriage) - good luck and for a sense of what comes next check out

Bipin Preet Singh said...

Congrats girl. Koi mail shail hi bhej deti.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Aditi.

Wish you a very happy journey ahead!!