Oct 14, 2007

Discovery of the day..

I spent most part of the day today at Hogenakkal Falls, about 140kms from Bangalore, India. Out there on a little coracle, sailing silently along the Cauvery river, i came upon this bunch of little fellows who would jump off a cliff for INR 5 (approx. 13 cents)


Abhinav Goyal said...


1. Amongst the readers of your blog, how many are Americans?

2. Cents that you mention are 1/100 x 1 USD?

2. INR 5 = 7 cents? => 1 USD = 500/7 ~ 71 INR??

Aditi Das Patnaik said...


1. I know of atleast 2 persons who are american and several based out of US.

2. Thanks for pointing out the mistake, corrected it!