Sep 17, 2007

Rainy days in Khandala

Here I am in the land made once famous by Aamir Khan and his cheekily romantic love song [Aati kya Khandala?]. When I think of what the song describes and slowly as the lyrics roll around inside my head, Khandala is all that and so much more. The sound of rain has a whole new meaning when it is not interspersed with the traffic and other noises so common in urban dwelling that only the lack of it comes across as startling.

There is a feeling of gentle nothingness, and I am awakened from deep slumber by the gentle splashing of water droplets from a steady rain outside. I stare blankly at the birds scurrying to find shelter and the drops of water at the edge of leaves pausing for a precious moment before plunging downwards. There is a strange serenity in spending a lazy afternoon lying about in a quilt overlooking the ghats of lonavala. The cloud loll past over the hills in great big puffs of smoke as the rains shower the valley in its mid-afternoon gaiety, drenching, cleansing. The sounds of bird calls and the pitter-patter of rain is all that pervades the space.

And suddenly I am made aware that I have company, by the laughter that rises from the floor beneath. Thunderous and almost a sound I’ve stopped to sit and listen for.

Different sounds drifting around in this house and here is my little list of it

1. The pitter-patter of rain

2. Twittering of birds

3. The distant rumble of a train

4. The sound of someone sweeping the gravel pathway below

5. Sounds of someone trimming the hedges around

6. A dog barking sometimes

7. People laughing

8. Sighs... long contended sighs

And I wonder when it was that I had last heard similar sounds. Is this why people travel to places far and wide in search of serenity and peace? I wonder if there will ever be an end to search but there is definitely a longing for more.


Anyesha said...

Here's a tip, the most beautiful parts of the Ghats are actually within INS Shivaji at Lonavala. I am not sure if civilians are allowed inside, but its certainly worth making friends with some Navy blokes for.