Jun 8, 2007

Love Conquers All

Love Conquers All. Hmmm...been slightly over ten years since those three words faded from the memory. The motto of my school, refreshed by a chance search and discovery of an entry in wikipedia by the name of Sacred Heart School.

Strange, how things have a way of coming around, ages after that phase of my life has almost acquired a surreal quality. Its right here in wikipedia that i discover a whole new dimension to my schooling, a rich history which i never quite discovered in the thirteen years that i spend there. Among the many things i will always remain grateful to my parents, the education i received at Sacred Hearts' is probably the biggest.

As a child, growing up in Jamshedpur, i recall the strong associations between the school and the crucial role Tata Steel played in the general well-being of the place. As i skim through the wiki page, the dates almost makes it look antique and I close my eyes and think of the corridors i ran and the numerous places i fell. It almost makes me believe that in some way i left behind a piece of me somewhere in the walls. The transition from a child to a girl might have seemed painfully slow back then, and i can almost recall wishing to grow up fast. Yet, somehow, when i sit and key this in, i wonder if i had had enough of the place. I still wonder and nurture this vague little desire to be able to go back and feel all i feel now sitting miles away and pouring over a web page.

Visiting school was an annual affair with me, however over the years as the number of familiar faces have dwindled, so has the longing for this annual visit. Sometimes i am aghast at my ability to fiercely hold on to things long gone and refuse to see it for what it is today, in the fear of having to let go of notions i hold so dear.

...i suppose i am just growing old.


Jishnu A said...

when you are a kid u can look forward only to ur future and hence you want to grow ..
when u are old you have only have the past to cherish as future is doomed..
but for all of us now, we have both past and future to cherish!! :)

Present is the reality..
Past is History..
Future is Dream!!

Chander Dogra said...

as i read the blog ..only words that came to my mind were ..
"hold on, hold on..don't let it go"

U Know..... said...


I so do agree with your sentiments..... i keyed in something similar.... under Passing Thoughts at mundanesurrealism.blogspot.com