Jun 15, 2007


How many times have you heard your folks remark about that shameless young girl in the mall in a skimpy skirt cuddling up to this guy, or the way girls sit on bikes literally sticking to the rider [male obviously!]. To top it all, heaven have it if they spot someone pecking or kissing in a public place, out comes a tirade of culture and how it's gone to the dogs.

Well that's scene 1, consider scene 2.

2 sets of Parents meet each other with the child in tow, so set 1 says to their girl child [hereafter denoted as Set 1]
Set 1: Give a kiss to bunty, [prods the shy little girl] she's just learnt to kiss you know.
Set 2: Oh-la-la
Set 1: [pushes the girl towards bunty, girl in a dilema and motions a flying kiss, bunty indifferent looking at a bug on the road with growing fascination]
Set 2: [determined not to be undermined] Bunty jao Shreya ke kiss koro (Bunty kiss Shreya) [Bunty puckers up absentmindedly, still looking at the bug]
Set 1 & Set 2: Awwwww!!!!

Well just that the two are about a year and a half...and couple more years and i am sure their parents will start raising eyebrows...


Chander Dogra said...

oops now i know ..my parents never trained me like bunty :)

Anonymous said...

an accidental discovery of your blog...but nevertheless a nice one to stumble upon...surely like the one on the parents and the kids...hope to read more such thoughts...an interesting read.