Jun 7, 2007

Dream On...

Its a tad too late, but i guess an eternally youthful subject to write upon for all rock fans.

Aerosmith rocked Bangalore last weekend, or well about the 30,000 odd people who cared to be in Palace Grounds. And what more can i say about Steven Tyler, the vocalist and true blue showman [Ahem!] He donned the frontman status rather down to the nail, complete with snake-skin [like] hat, leopard print scarf, a butterfly at the neck, painted nails and the ostentatious tattoos all over [special mention of the huge "Lick me" on the belly]. He does emulate the dude lookin' like a lady all right, which then makes the camera swirl to Joe Perry, suave and well very very traditional rockstar'ish, with a flowing mane and non-nonsense style of a man true to his music more than anything else. The rest pretty much were part of all the gadgetry that made wonderful music except for Tom Hamilton for the bit on 'Sweet Emotion'.

I stood there and wondered, how a bunch of 60 odd year olds can inspire a crowd of 30,000 to stand being jostled from all sides for over 3 hours and still make them wait some more. And this is not even their hey days. I wonder what it would have been like to attend an Aerosmith concert about a decade or two back.

The smell of sweat and marijuana pervades the place, and well after a while the jostling of people actually helps stabilize yourself and continuously move you around to experiment different views, Predictably the show starts with 'Taste of India' and then they go on to play their all time hits including some new one's.

By the time i walk out of the show, i am aching and a sneaky thought creeps in if i am just too old but then again, i suppose its all worth a story to a bunch of grandchilren [*chuckle*]

*Pics courtesy Him's help in getting my mobile phone bluetooth up and running


Anshul said...

hey! I think the concert was a big letdown. 3 reasons. they didnt sing quite a few of their popular nos.- Angel, Amazing, janie's got a gun etc etc. They had absolutely no clue abt indian audience, they expected us to sing a song which no one in the crowd knew. And last but not the least! the sound quality of the concert was bad! the sound engineering team did a bad job. A real bad job.

Aditi Das Patnaik said...

Completely agree with the note on sound quality, it took me quite a while to figure out taste of india being played to begin with.