May 30, 2007

Grumble, grumble...

From a casual conversation stemmed thoughts of positivity versus dissatisfaction. I wonder if that little [and i repeat little] amount of dissatisfaction is necessary for that extra push and stretch.

In a lot of small ways i am dissatisfied with who i am today, i find myself planning now and again. Looking for long term and short term goals. Here's a list of things i've been telling myself of late.

  1. Visit a new country every year
  2. Study - Not just read, but study. Have a clear goal of what milestones to achieve
  3. And then again read some, i just stacked up the following to read Arundhati Roy's "An ordinary person's guide to the empire" and JD Salinger's "Raise High the roof beam carpenter & Seymour: An introduction" [Finally!]
  4. Play the guitar just a little bit everyday, but do that without fail everyday
  5. Exercise everyday or better still swim
Phew that's all i had and now let me do a post in about a week commenting if i followed this stuff up there :)


Navreet said...

Things you forgot....

- Have fun while doing all of this.
- Push yourself just enough but not too much.
- And don't forget to take time off every day doing nothing...NOTHING I mean it is equally important

Have fun sweetie !

Goli said...

"Play the guitar just a bit everyday"... I also want to do that, and you have inspired me to put this just above my bed everyday so that I dont forget... and further have to make use of the Montreal Strings.. :D