Mar 29, 2007

Discovering the unacknowledged...

He ran, with all his might, behind the car, a bunch of scarlet flowers in his hand that he desperately wanted to peddle. A slight figure, maybe a boy of eight or so, weather beaten, narrowed eyes typical of a lad of the hills. Panting...receding in the distance as the car moved on and the boy slowed down as well.

Something seemed amiss, a little boy chasing a wanton car full of tourists in a lush hillside for a meager amount that i am sure would not pinch in the least. Perhaps i suddenly discovered the way i had hardened to my surroundings the lack of compassion and purely the loss of ability to be moved by the sight enough to stop and reach out.

It made me feel small to draw out the camera and attempt a shot at him, and even smaller to have that thought cross my mind.

Then i met Deepak Bela, here is a pic i took of him, must be a boy of ten studying in Class VI and working at a tea stall. Well i guess i am not new to child labour laws, but i guess i did not have the courage to speak up. It made me feel guilty to tip him. I wonder if all the world is made up of people like me?

And then again, there is Robert Frost's famous lines
"The woods are lovely, dark and deep
And i have promises to keep
And miles to go before i sleep
And miles to go before i sleep"


Chander Dogra said...
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Chander Dogra said...

Just finished looking at the pics in the flickr and was expecting a travelogue of happiness, but then such are the realities of the times that you do see eye opener everyday, and most of us like me aren't even guilty of what's happening ...
Read this in "catcher in the rye" immature folks want to die for a cause they believe in and mature folks want to live for the cause they believe ...something like that...

I was just immature.

tina said...

The article touched my heart.....tina

GeekBeyondRedemption said...

Saw some pics on flickr... Liked the shot of Prateek on the edge :-)..

Life is hard.

We are fortunate.