Nov 17, 2006

Familiar thoughts

you touched me...
in words that haunt the mind, crashing as a waterfall
in the gurgling of sweet nothings
in the long sigh of having said it all
in the way you leave things unsaid
in the shallow brimmings you impishly tread

you touched me...
in the gentle heaving of a moan
in the way you flow in all the silence foretold
in the way your words float over distances afar
in the navigation over ridges when you confer

you touched me...
in the sparkling revelations of secret desires
in the want of belonging before the moment expires
in long thoughts of known limitations
in moments that surprise at the depth of passsions

you touched me...
in the casting of your longings
binding me to you
the way you bind yourself to me
in the moorings of your soul


Anonymous said...

very beautiful ensemble of words that express such delicate emotions and moments.

Here is another i really like.

The Name of Love
What was it when i looked at you?
What power has chained me through and through?
That binds my heart with links so tight,
i cannot live without the sight of you!
The name of love cannot apply,
its commonness does not descry,
The haunted hunted painful cry
that my heart makes for you,
That ever my soul eternal, makes for you.

Hope you like it.

Abhinav Goyal said...

"shallow brimmings"? .. interesting ... shallow and overflowing ... :)

Chander Dogra said...

I am touched :)

TwiceRemovedFromReality said...

Read the poem today, like the rawness...nice