Aug 31, 2006

Love themes...

It's been a while now, really, much too long, since i stopped by here, took a deep breath and let the finger strokes on the keypad do the talking... to faces unknown and people far out of my reach.

The decision to revisit and re-kindle a lost flame for writing was while i was still busy trying to rationalise laziness as being busy at work. The first step to sanity in a work day has always been to listen to music that i haven't heard in a long time at random.

Love Theme fromRomeo and Juliet plays, and suddenly i am no longer in my cubicle at work. There is a fuzzy picture of a couple dancing in a vast expanse of a wooden floor the rich dark colour of mahogany. They're bathed in white, which makes the picture fuzzy, but just enough of the colour shines thorough to add a hint of reality. The blush on her cheeks against his strong jawline, the lithe movements of 'em both as they glide across the floor. There are just snatches, the swirl of her skirt as she is whirled around, the gentle dip, the effortless letting go of each other only to rejoin in perfect synchronisation.


The song reaches its cresendo and gently ends in a lilt, and i am transported back to be the one who jots down the imagery. I wonder if imagination is sometimes stronger than reality.


Abhinav Goyal said...

Is there anything but imagination?