Jul 24, 2006

Of days gone by....

Fergusson College Hostel

There is seldom more than memories of places that we have been through. That old house you lived in when you were a child, the schools you passed through, the hostels you inhabited.

However, it is indeed rare that we go back and stand at these places and try and feel a bit of what you had felt years ago when you were a part of the place.

The adjoining pic for example is the path that leads from the Fergusson College Ladies Hostel to the college. I must have tread this path a zillion times, through scorching sun and rain, but when i went back this time to walk by knowing that it is one of those rare moments (maybe my last ever) it was a different feeling. The steps fell deliberate and slow, one at a time conscious, feeling and trying to imagine how the folks passed by in their usual hustle, smiling briefly, yelling about what was the menu for lunch or general tit-bits.

The only thing i do really miss about college was the hostel, at this point i hope it won't be too late to say that the girls truly made life, for those three years worth it. From, trivial ragging, to late night maggi sessions, to water fights, telephone queues, to running back in at the stroke of eight and birthday bashes it was worth it all. The standing by for each other especially thru sickness made it feel truly like family. The old stone building with bad infrastructure still had so much warmth.

Jeevan Pradeep

This was another crazy place, the best parts of still being a student was spent here. This was where freedom took shape and responsibility kicked in just for the right balance. This was where all of us mad people lived.

Its not so funny as to the things which happened here but going back was an experience by itself, walking down the lanes i lost myself at the different constructions happening around it and well had to ask my way around to a place that i had lived in ages back.

This the pic of the lane the led from the apartment to the main road. On all mornings you could see a bunch of guirls running down this lane at roughly five minutes to eight, for an eight o'clock lecture. On certain days you could see one specimen :) hiding a cup behind a tree which seconds ago carried the morning tea.

And finally, here is a pic of the building, i caught it at a funny time, there is this very "Romeo & Juliet" (well not quite) style ladder which perhaps elaborates methods that we never thought of .

However needless to say it was nostalgic, but more than that i was glad it was deliberate and slow in an almost surreal way, as if life just had not moved on.


Anonymous said...

Those days of "togetherness" is worth a lot! I think about all that happened in my life in that time:-dharnas for the new mess, parents getting letters, friut punch with and without alcohol, taking calls at sir's place, men entering the hostel premises, waiting for gulab-jamuns to happen on a sunday and of course the "cake on the face"contest!
Cheers for OUR hostel:) Maitrayee

Sumana Sharma said...

Aditi! This is really nice. :)Thanks for the pictures. Just reminded me of all the fun times we have had while we were at Jeevan Pradeep!

By the way, all of you seem to remember my hiding the chai ka cup in the tree trunk! I find it really amusing that you all took notice!! :))

I was and still am, very addicted to tea! Many a times I carry the morning tea in a disposable mug so I can have it on my way to the University! Come to think of it, having the tea on my way downstairs (not to mention that I was usually running, along side others, as we always believed in reaching 'just-in-time' for the early morning class) was much more fun! Gosh, I really must do it again, to revive the good ol' memories!! Lot of trees on the back side of our place, so hiding the mug wouldn't be an issue!;)

It also just hit me that I do always think of hiding stuff behind trees and tree trunks. Just remembered the time when Gaurav and I were sharing a single key to our apartment, and I suggested that whoever leaves later can put it beneath the shrubs surrounding the patio. :) To this Gaurav replied why wouldn't that person leave it in the mail box, while the other person could have the key to it!

More intelligent maybe, but not half as much fun!

Now, if you are thinking why we were sharing the solo key, the answer is simple - I had lost mine! I am sure that again rings a bell, perhaps the loudest for Nidhi!

Sarah said...

Girl very well put...Though kinda mad@ u!Didnt capture the hullabaloo @ Tapri??Tsk Tsk;)
Needless to say nostalgic indeed.Off the many sweet memories: How we huffed,puffed & cussed every evenin while getting bac @ 8 BUT as soon as we stepped in, rejuvenated instantly by teh energy exuberated by the kickass Fergi Gals;)Dharna Night:Don't mess with the wet(raining)wild &angry lot.It sure waz fun & outright hilarious!Can’t recollect the reason & results tho lol & Last but not the least,somthin that left a huge impact on me(or on the contrary,waz it the other way round;)): a scar on my toe, as couple of us walked,talked & laughed down the aisle,accidentally stepped on tht kitty(stomuch!Ouch)who waz lying middle of no where.Poor thing Indeed,tormented for life!-Cheers

Prateek Dayal said...

Its like trying to hold on to the sand .. isn't it ?

Everytime i try to think about my (not so much in the past) college days I get this feeling. I want to get so much out of those memories and the more I try, the more they seem to fade away :(

payal said...

random conversations in the stone corridors....a chance meeting with a handsome giant rat...waiting in line with buckets for a (sometimes rare) bath....Kamini Maushi's awesome colour-killing clothes washing....chasing lizards in the upper extension....'hot guy' talks in the dead of the night..."she's going out with him-lucky bitch".....vomiting on text books...glorious fights with roommates...smuggling cheap Old Monk bottles into the hostel....hiding 'illegal items'....and of course generally keeping everybody scandalised with our complete indecentness...I can almost smell the dusty corridors...can hear the beat of the music...can feel the pulse of energy.....nope FCLH,....we will never leave you.

Chander Dogra said...

the blog reminds me all the things which we did in our hostel days, things which in itself don't seem meaningful or intelligent, but sure somewhere somehow form what I am today ....Looks like i too need to go back to my college...if nothing then just to get happy & nostalgic.

Nandini said...

the best part is those memories are so fresh and alive, so much "owned" ...that its fun to recall them and enjoy them every time with more zest...