May 4, 2006

Coorg: Day II & III - Thadiyandamol

The drive from Dubare took us to Madikeri (Mercara) for a monstrous lunch and the most exciting part of the trek. Madikeri was rather uneventful except for some awesome milshakes and spats with the local traffic cops for breaking a "NO Entry" sign which wasn't there in the first place. :)

The drive from Madikeri is beautiful, gently undulating roads that winds across the hills. Here i must put in a word about the local folks, despite our trustworthy Lonely Planet and
Outlook Traveller, we stopped numerous times at forks to ask for directions or simply to take a road less travelled. The folks were always forthcoming and helpful.

We reached the last paved
road to Thadiyandamol at four in the evening and set off to trek almost immediately. By half past six we had discovered numerous scenic points around the hills and even decided to come back the next morning for a view of the sunrise. Somewhere it bothered not scaling the highest peak (1752 mts - and a six hour trek) since we were leaving next morning.

Enter Anurag Maheswari .....

Well figuratively, since he popped up the idea of starting a trek in the wee hours of the next day. So here we were getting drunk on some Beer, Vodka and Wine and everyone thinks the other will be too groggy to actually take up the guantlet Anurag had just thrown.

0320 Hrs of the next day saw five of us up and about, all set for the proposed trek, surprise, surprise! The first part till the base of the hill took us about two hours
through dense foliage aided by a feeble torch light.

The one thing that almost hits you with a force of a
speeding truck is the sky, a gazillion stars and a valley spreading out at your feet as far as the eyes can see and make out the drak shapes. The sounds of the jungle is another, wild calls with the swooshing of the wind and the crickets and other calls of the wild. The one other source of wonder was the numerous fireflies, on the trees and all over glowing and dimming in a very festive way. I wonder then if i should be scared were i alone or just in peace.

The foothills of the two peaks we scaled next was when dawn finally showed up. We scaled the shorter one (a case of mistaken identity) the more rocky of the two and more difficult to climb. We reached the peak in about forty minutes only to realise that we should have scaled the other one. Actually this was by far the
most pleasant diversion, challenging and very very rewarding at the peak.

The second hill and the one christened as "Thadiyandamol" literally meaning "My tall one" was pleasant in the
morning especially since a large part of it was through some jungles. I will leave out the description of how it was on the top, here are more that a thousand words to do so.

The two peaks we scaled

A view of the foliage

a lone bamboo shoot

A view of the hills

The valley from the peak

The perfect sunrise from the peak


Prateek Dayal said...

Good .. u got the perfect picture of the sunrise :)
one of the best i have seen till date .. we trekked thadiandyamol in the day .... but loved the cloud covered peak ... but clouds do smell kind of strange :)

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Ginger said...

Thank you for letting me explore bits of India with you too! Its fantastic being able to do this sitting on the other side of the world.


Twisted DNA said...

Wow, the photo titled, "A view of the hills" is superb. The tree in the middle is a bit distracting but the photo is good enough to frame!