May 8, 2006

And time stood still....

It’s the peaceful feeling of timelessness…or perhaps the lack of thoughts that really stands out from the last weekend, spent floating about in Honnemaradu. It’s perhaps a place when time is simply scared to enter for fear of rebuke.

The place is largely hilly wilderness nursing a huge reservoir in its womb. Vast and seemingly endless at points where it met the horizon. The water was clean and spotted by islands ridged almost as if it has undergone a painter’s brush. From the quaint coves, the bare tree trunks standing up defiantly in the water, the birds overhead to the sounds of the jungle and the water lapping…everything had a feel of suspended animation. As if time was never let in.

Two days spent swimming (some 7-8 kms largely with Aseem (right)), canoeing, kayaking and sail boarding (the sail tore though, and all that was left was the board) was a weekend well spent. Some places are better left experienced than talked about, this is one of them. Here is the serenity captured as best as my Nikon could.

Some of the loonies i was with L to R(Soumya, Dharma, Vikram, Mithun)

The miles before Honnemaradu

The reservoir at Honnemaradu

Sunset at the waters

...and the cloudy sunrise
One of the picture perfect islands
The sunset at Shimoga

P.S. The Product Engineering Team at Tejas Networks rocks for their choice of offsite destinations and more importantly for entertaining free loaders like me :).

None of this would have been here but for the folks on the left. They have been warm and welcoming and most importantly accepting.

Thank you all!


Shreemoyee said...

Honnemaradu, the place brings back so many memories of a bunch of fresh faces just out of college, of canoeing, swimming, of the mindless campfire jokes. The pictures are great.

Prateek Dayal said...
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Prateek Dayal said...

Oh My God .. I think you are out to set a record for the maximum number of treks in the least time .. isn't it?

ok made some spelling mistakes the last time so deleted that and posting again .. with possibly more mistakes :)

Anyesha said...

Ahem...Just one question...with the planning etc. before the trip, the weekend on the trip and the recovery from hangover (assuming there is one) after the trip...when do you guys find the time to work??:-))

Chander Dogra said...

Now since Anyesha brings it up...
I hope you guys are working too?
I am now scared of my little investment and 5 years of hard-work.
Hope the breaks are the case of "All work and no play makes jack a dull boy".

Investment apart, looks like you guys having a rollicking time.Did you drive down to that place in that red car

Aditi Das Patnaik said...

Anyesha, Chander,

Well actually i plan sometime, rest of the time i am a free loader. There is ofcourse the hangover...but i tend to manage that.

Apart from that trekking/swimming et al. is actually relaxation...


Chander Dogra said...

Have you given a ne wlook and feel to your webpage ...though I liked the old one better, but then change is inevitable reality of the world

Twisted DNA said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing your travels and photographs. Really enjoyed reading them.

Anonymous said...

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