Apr 24, 2006

Sounds of Silence!

I woke up today morning to the slight whirring of the fan above and the chirping of birds outside, and suddenly it dawned on me that i've never wondered what birds they were till such time. There were the fimiliar sounds of the morning, a pigeon cooing in an almost docile manner on the window ledge, the water running in the sink, the gushing of the shower, even the faint humming of a motor somewhere. It isn't a miracle that i can hear, but after last night it sure felt that way.

Chrysallis (Performance arts centre for the physically and developmentally challenged) organised "A Special Partnership" which brought together people from various professional walks of life, with and without physical challenges. The interaction brought forth an interesting mix of ideas and creativity to sensitize people on the same.

The poems/ prose recited on the occasion were powerful and moving, however there is always something special about music, and the Swedish Punk Bubblegum Rock band left no stone unturned, by churning out a composition in less than 20 mins. The piece will not be complete without the mention of Ritwick and Roshan (in the adjoining pic) , who totally rocked.

Somehow over the last evening and the drive back home, it feels as if things have suddenly become more visible and audible. Some top of the mind sights and sounds that i can carry in my heart without them actually being around

1. The creaking of a swing (possibly in protest of my weight) and the way the sky looks when i sway to and fro.
2. The sound of a waterfall and the way the rainbow appears on it on a sunny day.
3. The tall trees and the sudden calls from birds sounding almost like a whistle.
4. The rustle of the trees in response to a drift of air.
5. The sizzling sound of a delicacy on fire.
6. Rain on a tin roof.

(P.S. Parul/ Prateek, thank you for the opportunity)


Navreet said...

This is a realization that struck me only some time back.. how we take things for guaranteed.. things that are so important things that we could never function without ( at least the way we do now) things like... being able to see..hear..walk..talk..breathe(properly)..read..write..

And in a totally different pretext also things like... we will always have water..air..sunlight..imagine if we do not consciously try and protect all of this.. ONE DAY WE MIGHT NOT HAVE IT !

tina said...

Very true. It was a perfect sensitization. Taught me that i should respect and cherish life more than what i do now.

Nandini said...

yes, its amazing how we take so many things for granted and pursue things which we think important, which may lose its pretext later!! life is funny!!
u can enjoy it or get stuck in ur own underwear!!!
its ur choice though!!:)

Aditi Das Patnaik said...

Nandini, pursuing thing are always a matter of importance given that particular instance. Everything passes on once it has served its purpose and may even diminish in value given a new set of circumstances.

Having said that, these experiences only help us take a fresh look at our priorities and for just that fleeting instant get into anothers shoes.

Chander Dogra said...

I have never been a NGO kind of guy. Though I have great respect for people who work to bring a smile on the face of the people who have been forgotten by the society, but somehow I have never myself been able to be the one who brings that smile. And in my this trip I heard stories, which made me wonder "did I really need to buy that extra pair of Lee". But alas that's how I am. Another man with short memory.
My humble Thank-you to all the people who try to uplift the people forgotten by the society.

Aditi Das Patnaik said...

Chander, i dunno if this makes you feel better, but i can quite associate myself to what you are trying to say. I do wonder about my excesses in life. However in all my "NGO work" as you call it , be it from school days shramdan to make-a-wish to what have you, its more of a sense of fulfillment i seek than really to bring a smile on anyone's face.

In some ways i am totally selfish in an Ayn Rand way.

~RAUL~ said...

Bas ek bomb ki kami this....

booooommmmmmmm !!!!

Perfect sound....