Mar 17, 2006

Of weddings and sleepless nights...

When I think of fatty’s wedding, it somehow seems to have registered as a fusion of colors. A deluge of colors on a canvas created by a single stroke of a practiced hand. Like a perfect harmony, which would have been incomplete, had a single note been missed.

Fatty at her Haldi Ceremony

Sourabh "the main man" Verma

The whole marriage sunk in its totality when I bid farewell, the last hug, the last look exchanged across the crowded room of well-wishers. And somehow you know that this is a moment you will oft re-visit. There is a tinge of pain, a point of letting go inside the head in a vague way, which makes one question the fundamentals of ownership anyway. And then a sense of calm taking shape in what is to come.

I wanted earlier to chronicle this on a daily basis of my visit to Mumbai, but all that is swept aside in the wee hours (0404 hrs) of 17th March, 2006. I wake up in the middle of the night and wonder what to think of to put myself back to sleep, nothing is forthcoming, and my mind really draws a blank. So I sit here on the 27th floor and look on as the day dawns slowly. Its another new day and Fatty is a married woman.

The wedded couple

Now as i sit here and key this in, it seems like being engulfed in a lot of silence. I miss the people around, all the family, the friends, some people i grew up with and some i just met, the familiarity all blending into one. I miss being with all the people like i've seldom missed home.


golliwog said...

oh ma!
look at the two sitting comfortably! i think i have rarely seen a bride and groom looking more at ease!

Chander Dogra said...

Sometimes such moments make so sit back and realize the marriage(ownership ..a tard to strong maybe, but who cares it's your post) the thing you want to get into and then realize it was a mistake or not ....or one should just wait ...Actually met this guy Lanny, he had come down to office for a week a real jovial character 170 pounds (somehow the healthier you get,better the sense of humor ...don't know why ),and he is married since last 31 years and has 2 grandchildren ...I am sure they must had trouble, but with bit of love and lots of understanding if companies can be run then marriage should be simple.

Hats off to the people who marry early and stay happy .....

but then ...

इस जाहान म‌ै अक॓ल॓ ही आऐ थ॓,
अपनी किसम्त साथ लाय थ॓,
लकिरॉ से फिर भी कई बार टकराए,
मँज़र हमने भी,कई हसीन पाऐ।

अकेले हें हम कहाँ,
कई यादें सँग हें हमारे,
कया करें? आदत है पुरानी,
कभी इधर, तो कभी उधर मुँह मारें।