Dec 6, 2005

Old clothes and familiar scents...

My motivation levels at work is at an all time low. I am still trying to figure out a reason to pin point and dump the blame on, the only thing that comes to mind is that its been a while since i took a reasonably long break. For now, i thought of putting down all the things that make me happy to visit later when i am in similar circumstances
  • Old clothes, i have this sweater that belonged to dad before i flicked it. It must be atleast 25 years old. For some reason i would still like to believe that it still smells like him. Here is a pic of it. Its a slightly oversized dirty yellow sweater but it still holds the comfort of a man who had the ability to set all the wrong in the world right, till my own judgement dawned.
  • The smell of freshly brewed coffee
  • Rain after along parched summer and the smell of the wet earth
  • Dancing in the dark
  • Feeling the wind on my face when i run or even raindrops
  • Jumping in puddles
  • Swimming under the stars or walking barefeet on a beach on a moonless night and the feeling to let go and get washed into the sea. (Would like to do an Axl rose in "Estranged" sometime, jumping off a ship.)
  • Listening to the sound of rain falling
  • Cotton candy on my nose
  • The smell of sweat after a hard fought game
  • Having a sore throat from cheerleading
  • That huge crecsent shape slice of watermelon and the way it runs down your neck when you're digging into it.
  • Raw mangoes eaten straight from trees in summer
  • Hugs - warm ones, friendly ones, long ones, short ones, romantic ones ...all kinds


golliwog said...

may i recommend some ice cream treatment at corner house? or better still, how bout a backpacking trip to sumatra??
christmas in singapore is not bad for giving the sagging spirit a leg up either...
but the easiest done, i think, is to get happy on some fine port...

Aditi Das Patnaik said...
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Prateek Dayal said...

I was also thinking of jotting down something like this. I also thought of writing down ten things I hate (Not ten things I hate about u :)

In fact you can do that too and it can make an interesting reading together with this post