Dec 8, 2005


It's been nearly four long years since i passed out of grad college. Which in effect means four years of not having lived with absolutely whacky, very caring and totally crazy five girls. This thought resurfaced especially since i met Chetna, one of my roomates who has come down from Sydney. We went through the regular course of shopping and dining and in the middle of catching up with how our present lives looked we wandered back to those bylanes of Model Colony, Pune to relive some of the absolutely mad stuff we indulged in. Here is my top-of-the-mind list.

  • Ludo, the game of Ludo was one bonding force which in college. Six of us never exhibited such punctuality but for the game of Ludo which started at 2300 Hrs at our home 6, Jeevan Pradeep. The squealing, shrieking, strategizing that was brought on was heard well beyond the walls of our house and brought on much complaint.
  • Phone calls and friends at STD booths, the late night calls to sweethearts spread far and wide.
  • College Parties which meant dancing into the wee hours of the night.
  • Music from Lagaan and RHTDM which were the absolute hits right then and played every morning without fail, not only that, people who dedicatedly sang along.
  • The caring for each other, watching over and having those ever ready shoulders to cry upon.
  • Magical hugs which took away all the pain and strife of the moment.
  • Laughter, carefree wanton laughter, abundant and bouncing off from everywhere.
  • Late night frenzied studying before exams and being prodded on (read scolded) to study while i was busy reading "The Godfather" for the umpteenth time.
  • Waking the girls up for early morning lectures and the associated complaints it evoked.
Now that i came up with my set of crazy do's what are yours?


Cimmerian said...

That made for nice reading, and touched a chord somewhere long undisturbed :-)
But Ah! Don't get me started on my crazy do's. They certainly won't make for nice reading!

Crush said...

my crazy do??
killing bangalore-night-life-dogs with airgun?

Sharmishta said...

Still in grad school, but somehow wish I could make hostel life as interesting as your post.

Aditi Das Patnaik said...


This was grad school where we stayed in a rented apartment, under-grad was fun too where i stayed in the famous Fergusson College Girls hostel. That was a huge ball of a time with 150 girls. Maybe i'll make a different post on that. For most part making your life interesting is really up to you and for that i guess its about here and now...i think the source of your interest lies in B'lore so well...:)

Sumana Sharma said...

That was very well described Aditi! Just thinking of my stay at Jeevan Pradeep makes me smile! There are many things that fall in the category of my top-of-the-mind list. Here are a few!

1: This memory dates back to when we hadn't even moved into Jeevan Pradeep, Model Colony. It was almost the end of summer of 2001. I had quit my old apartment in summer, but had not finalized on another one.I just thought I'd go to Pune a week earlier, and get myself a place in one of the hostels. I wasn't too happy with this option, but really had no other choices. I had heard that Aditi, Nidhi, Chetna, Tarika and Priyanka would be staying together.Never in my dreams had I thought that I would get to be their room mate. However the stars changed their positions, and sure enough, I heard from Aditi telling me they were looking for a 6th room mate! She asked me if I wanted to join: I said, I do, to which she replied "welcome aboard".

My absolutey amazing room mates changed my life forever. They were the best room mates any one could ask for. Caring and encouraging, they were full of life and passion for things they believed in. I have learnt so much from each one of them. I hope they are going to read this blog to know how very much they are loved and appreciated.

2: Like Aditi said, Ludo was not just a game! It was much more than that! Emotions ran high when the ludo board was laid out and players jiggled the dice while discussing their strategies!! In the honor of Ludo, I brought it along with me to the US of A. I am proud to inform you girls, that my husband is now an ardent player!

I will come back to add to my top-of-the-mind list. For now, I have to go back to my books!I am in the middle of the finals week at school!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2005!

Navreet said...

well this surely brought back a lot of memories....

Though i was not a part of this gang of beautiful women ... but yes all of them have been a part of my life at some point in time... and few have been my roomies too....

and yes they will all agree i should not be putting my top of mind list here... but hey you all i miss you....

Chetna said...

hi you guys,

it was really amazing to catch up with ada and gugu during my short stay at India.
Of course reminiscing Pune and jeevan pradeep brings a smile to each one of us....i had a wonderful time...miss the moments of ludo together, talking and discussing our relationships with our BFs who now are our dear husbands,late night studying. I particularly remember me going for Jagjit singh show before our telecom exam and when i came back gugu and tara started all over again so that i could catch up with them. Also remember the salads ada made for me.Remember fondly the panchgani trip as well...

Miss you guys and the city Pune...


Goli said...

Reading your post also brought lot of hostel days back to life. some of the best things were
swimming under the lights in the pool, with friends, and trying to jump of that springy dash-board
Hostel Nite (In IITM each hostel had a annual day), that was a the only time guys could go to girls hostel, (else the entry was restricted only to lobby), we used to wait, and wish we get the invite for girls hostel nite.
Running around from hostel to hostel in a towel, with a bucket in hand, desperately seeking water for bathing and other essential things in life. (chennai=water problem)
In all our corridors we used to have this cot, which was a place for discussions, what we used to term as "fart sessions".


Priyanka anshul Tripathi said...

this was really beautiful..just takes me down the memory lane..pune anyways is the most beautiful part of my life and 6 jeevan pradeep made it just perfect...really never knew that i am goinna miss it so much..!!
A few top of mind things that are waiting to pour out..are ofcourse the ludo ...i can never forget how i kept convincing you guys play one game atleast even at 1 oclock in the night!ludo still brings that twinkle in my eyes that sumana kept pointing has become such essential part of my life ..i still play it with my in laws and husband(can u beat it,..and with equal enthu). Trust me i miss adas strategies, taras laughter, chetnas wahe guru and sumans reassurance to win so much...!

and gals at the expense of embarrassing all you lovely ladies..have to remind you that we lived without a bathroom bolt for a year ...such was the trust..!

and tara and chetna...remeber our endless gossip after 12 in the night and the subsequent maddening laughter..

sumana do you still have the masoom ilaka...those little creatures comitted a suicide everyday ..thanks to me and ada...

remeber the pile of washed clothes ..heaps and heaps of it which never got cleared for weeks....!

now you guys have really got me started ..the maid ..who got us the halwa on id..

the farewel party vaidya aunty uncle gave us..the chaklis..etc and ads your bday - the top secret bday which none of us knew about and kept feeling so embarresed later...!

beatiful days..i miss them!!!

Tarika Wahi said...

just wanted to add that apart from no bathroom bolt, we also dint have a flush ; ))) n we lived without it throughout.. can u imagine!!!
jeevan pradeep is such an intrinsic part of my life, i guess i m lucky enough be the only one to stay here in pune...!!! n this place is still as awesome as it was. belive me gals!!

all of us were so different in each of r ways, but there was something which made us bond together beautifully. n that was jeevan pradeep...
the only tension apart from boyfrenz : ) was xams, n i still remember ada so carefree before evry xam, unlike all of us! ada singing "bye bye miss american pie" n me gugu n chetna used to get evenm more scared seeing her : )

wonderful time we all spent with each other,,being together through r daily ups n downs.

Gaurav said...

hey.. though i was not an original recipient of the invite to read this blog.. but being married to one of the ludo lovers, i am taking this liberty to post my comments..

who so ever is reading the comments , let me admit that " 6 Jeven Pradeep was the hottest place" you could be in Pune. Ludo Lovers was the best combination one guy could dream.. though i would love to have spent time with each one of you :-) individually..but because i was destined to marry one of them i could only afford chit chat during picing up Chetna or having Maggi and Omellette at your place..

you Rock.. Chill and Cheers, Modi

Gaurav said...

hey.. though i was not an original recipient of the invite to read this blog.. but being married to one of the ludo lovers, i am taking this liberty to post my comments..

who so ever is reading the comments , let me admit that " 6 Jeven Pradeep was the hottest place" you could be in Pune. Ludo Lovers was the best combination one guy could dream.. though i would love to have spent time with each one of you :-) individually..but because i was destined to marry one of them i could only afford chit chat during picing up Chetna or having Maggi and Omellette at your place..

you Rock.. Chill and Cheers, Modi

Nidhi Upreti said...

From my end - I cant come over Sumanas obsession with Tea and the cup that she had to part with every morning (with a heavy heavy heart) and that she so unsuccessfully managed to hide in the tree trunk of our compound! Her cutting chai and poha with sev will surely be on passed to my children at least! And then comes the most difficult choice of Priyankas life, prioritizing between sleep and havin a bath (and we all knw what always won hands down!)…Chetna combing her hair desperately trying to take her hairline to the ruffle she used…Aditi with her hullabulloo words burdenin us with learnin the thesaurus by heart….Tarika with her ever ready smile and twinkling eyes whenever u mention Tyagi….also her Dilli wardrobe! Gals! U cannot forget the photo session!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ek ke peeche ek on the sofa…..zig zag pics and what proper direction by each one!!! Gosh! I m laughin even whle writin it!!! I m surely gonna go back and see all the pics! It was so much fun!

The best memories as rightly put by Priyanka, Chetnas Wahe Guru and Sumanas Masoom Ilaka! Uffff too much!! Chetna my office is next to Bangla Sahib and everytime I mutter the silent prayer (taught by you of course) I really hv to control myself from adding Raj karega Khalsa in the end!!! Man u surely almost converted me! God do u rber when we had royally walked in for 9 to 12 night show of Raaz???????????? It scared the wits out of us gal! And then the very famous blockbuster hit movie Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai (u HV to rber this one!!!!!) Priyanka m sure u wud rber the reason of our fitness our daily evening jogs in that udyaan! (ok who will remind me the name of our neighbourhood Joggers Park????)

Sumanas Gate laga do and bitin-thumbnail draggin-feet most-alert state, Adis heavy words, heavier novels and the heaviest music and health food obsession, Priyankas sweet n spontaneous quirks from Main Pizza Hut hoon to Jaspal Rana story to her Secret Admirer who produced so many desi Ms. Sherlock Holmes, Chetnas hearty and loud laughter from Jeevan Pradeep to landlord uncle straight to Wahe Guru ji and Tarikas twinkling eyes n naughty upto-something smile……those were days which gave us each enuf memories to last a lifetime. I still miss that oddest wall in front of our kitchen (meant for hide n seek I guess), bechari bai tryin to wash clothes in PTCs room, loud n distinct jingles of saas-bahu and ghar-ghar from all the houses in society, some of us (definitely not me!) tryin our hand at the kitchen…Jeevan Pradeep bein referred to as the Maal house (thanks to the stupendous publicity by Aditi (or Atti) the Great!

Anonymous said...

I Just wana say to all maams here specially Sumana and Nidhi Maam here is that I am there slave .a creature who just want to be under theri shoes and just suffering for their pleasure

Anonymous said...

I Always am at ur shoes Nidhi and Sumana Maam,I am ready to even lick the soles of your shoes and take any amoun of humilaition and beating but I beg with my head in your feet to make me your humble slave maam

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