Dec 19, 2005

Looking for romance...

Wasn't quite looking for romance when i decided to take up moonlight cycling organised by BSA along with 7 other friends. More so ever when it started drizzling on the way out of Bangalore.

The trail near Savandurga till Manchinbele dam hits you when you land, there is the romance of a clear starry night meandering in the forests and passing by the lake. The wind howls in your ear as you let go on the slopes and let the cycle roll. There's music all around sounds of the jungle, hearing yourself breathe and feel the air fill up the lungs.

Its a dissapointingly short trail of 8 kms,perhaps meant to be done slowly with a loved one. I raced instead, with a glimmer of a hope to get lost without perhaps having the courage to.

(From Left Chander, Vikas, Prateek & Parul getting set to start playing
cards in the middle of the much for romance)

Its beautiful and yes very romantic.


zap mama said...

Hi, thought I'd drop by to ask you whether you've picked BT's Hook. We're doing a cover of the song The Mountains Wing Again, donno if you've heard that. It's from Four.
Where do you work, by the way?

zap mama said...

It's the Mountains Win Again, sorry, darn, this keyboard!!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog reminds me of the good old days :-)
take care,

Wild Reeds said...

Wow, looks beautiful. Should do the same in Bombay...