Dec 19, 2005

Kissmas with Chrysallis

Chrysallis Performance Arts for the Challenged is an NGO, who among plenty of other activites also organises a christmas party for 'bout 2000 underpriviledged and special children from Bangalore.

People from various walks of life come together to help in making this a huge
success. I am fortunate enough to have been there and spent the day with these children.

At the outset you can't help but smile, even break into a gay laughter when you are faced with a plethora of smiles from coy ones to the toothy grins punctuated by intermittent guffaws. Seva Asharm is the place we went to pick up some of these kids and escort them to the venue for the
party, Mount Carmel College. You are greeted by Vasanti who is a bundle of energy, managing the children, introducing us to the kids and updating us of their achievements.

The Seva Ashram team with Prateek (tallest)

At Mount Carmel, as you enter you hear the collective yelling of hundreds of children. I take to face painting along with some of the volunteers. Painting the faces of over a 100 children is a joy to experience. They are damanding clients and very impatient, but absolutely accepting. I am flooded with requests for christmas trees, flowers, stars, aeroplanes and more. I seemed to be doing fine until one particular kid asked me to draw a lion, much to my dismay, no matter how much i convinced him of my limited capabilities as a painter he was adamant. The result was a disproportionate, overweight quadruped which to say the least was appaling. He seemed happy though :)

There were several kids performing various forms of dance, songs and skits. The energy was infectious as was the collective cheers from one and all present. It was good to be able to be a child again, to walk out of Mount Carmel with a painted face. Somewhere deep inside a little insanity lurks, the child within who wants to come out and play and jump in the puddles. I just jet it out for a while on Saturday morning...

The Chrysallis party with Santa Claus


Ramesh said...

Hey Aditi, Dropped by ur blog from Ryze page. I was there too at MCC for x-mas party wid 2500 kids. I was volunteering for Dream A Dream NGO. Yups, Kids had blast on that day wid Santa, Color paintings in face, Chocs, Dance and Music. Haan, Magic show too. Cheers! Ramesh

Anonymous said...

surprisingly..i was there tooooo :D was fun,wasnt it :)