Dec 7, 2005

India...through the eyes of Michael

I am an Indian, a proud one at that but somehow i tend to slip into the motions and often overlook the beauty and eccentric sights this country abounds with. In one such meeting i was reminded of the same. I met Michael Howard last month in Mumbai and had a wonderful interaction with him. Below are impressions he carries from India. It touched me and personally i think they are truly amazing snaps.

An acsetic on the streets, commonly known as the "saadhu's"

Sunset in Agra

Michael and Sharon
at the Taj Mahal, Agra

The Man himself, Michael in
a traditional wrap around worn by
Indian men called "lungi"


Chander Dogra said...

Sometimes its nice to look at your surroundings through eyes of others. Looks like time to go to TAJ.

Dr Oza MM said...

Hi I liked the pics and copied few of them Wish you Good luck Dr Oza