Oct 25, 2005

The heavens pour forth

Its pouring cats and dogs in Bangalore (and that's how it's going to be for the next five days say CNN) and sections of the city is flooded. Even though life came to a standstill in pieces, the ruthless energy with which life carries on never ceases to amaze me.

The tenacity and courage under the torrential rains of people are credible to say the least. There are sections well nigh flooded are downtown populated areas, the so called "Bangalore's IT corridor". For a city being heralded as the Silicon Valley of the east, a lot is left to be desired in terms of its infrastructure planning. While enough and more is being said about Bangalore's infrastructure woes, it is refreshing to have everyone from cellular service providers, radio stations and the online community to send out relevant information, time and again.

A while back, my house got flooded, about ankle deep water and murky at that, due to the drainage getting clogged and excessive rains. That incident lent a novel thought process, the ease of acceptance when choices are precious few. The little in material terms that is required to survive and the assurance of a better tomorrow. Am glad they say "Hope floats" ....


Avijit Das Patnaik said...

This is a brilliant site and effort. Clearly seems to be coming from a person with a lot of passion for life. Keep up.

We always get two choices in life, either fall into the vicious predictable cycle of life or plot out your own x-y axis.

Few have the courage and belief to attempt the latter.

Anonymous said...

A friend referred your blog. Keep up the good work!!