Oct 27, 2005

The art of simplicity

Sometimes the most obvious of things are overlooked. Say for example the time when i had the cellphone in my pocket and looked for it all over the room, or the times when people look for their glasses when they are primly perched atop their head.

Sometimes a lot of it actually comes from cloistered world views. Like yesterday i was explaining to my mom about the time i went rappelling referring to the post below. And after hearing the explanations of a vertical drop that needed to be descended with the help of a rope and judging the risks involved she said, "Why couldn't you have come down the way you went up?"

I was left wondering if she was being cheeky or just made a casual observation. The latter seems more like it :) Actually same goes for children who more often than not rip apart our notions of complexities. If a road needs to be crossed, then they just go across, simple pleasures of hopping into puddles included. I for once observed myself looking for footholds big enough not to get a drop of water on my pants (which were anyway ruined by a passing car). Ironic? No, i think just simple.