Oct 6, 2005


At several junctures of life i have tried to insulate myself from being hurt. Hurt by people dear to me (can it be any other way?!) and questioned how much importance i accord to them and how much i really should, to make that insulation effective.

This i realise arises out of fear, fear of being hurt, fear of being marred beyond recognition, fear of the unknown. Fear! Strangely, at all odd times, i tend to look upon the unknown with fear and not with curiosity. The reason i do not have a way to justify this is for all that i willingly give away to all these people, FAITH!

And then, there are friends who choose to spend time with you, who go out and get into the sea in full formals just cause you want to, friends who walk that extra mile just to be with you, friends who are always there to listen, friends who bring you food just cause you are ill, friends who are there when you laugh, cry, talk, listen, and smile. Friends who watch over when you go astray, when you want to reach out, when you want to withdraw. Still keeping the faith... in my living angels...


zendeadtrickster said...

why do u need living angels??

golliwog said...

are there things such as dead angels???
and dont bout myself... you sure sound a trifle melancholy!

golliwog said...

'getting hurt', i suppose, will happen when there are expectations gone astray. expectations of the self from relationships.
the-ones-who-hurt-you and your living angels seem like two different sets of people. there is a sense of expectation on your part from the T-O-W-H-U, but a much easier, more spontaenous relationship with the angels. you expect T-O-W-H-U to walk the extra mile, you are pleasantly touched when anyone else does...
and any relationship goes through phases before reaching the kind the maturity you see in grandparents with 40 yrs of marriage. the being-hurt phase unfortunately comes pretty early on.

ps: and now for some gibberish... bertie wooster was in his element... he declare that 'he was filled upto his tonsils with the juice of grapes'... priceless, man!!!
psa: i am thinking of going to burma... but right now am going for lunch!