Sep 12, 2005

Lessons from Rafting...

Was sitting on a swivel chair, working incessantly when the welcome call for a proposal to raft on the Cauvery came in. A three hours drive through the meandering roads lined with lush greenery from Bangalore to Bhimeshwari makes the drive pleasant (Somehow, I have a nagging feeling that this is better done on a powerful bike :) )

The drive was fun, especially made so when there is interesting company around. The trip was primarily targeted to get to know new people. Its interesting to observe a whole bunch of new faces, the initial discomfiture of getting along, the slow opening up and transcending language barriers and finally the time when everyone just lets go and has a blast. All this over a span of a drive to Bhimeshwari. The rafting was preceded with tumbling in the nets hooked to the trees, which just brought out the kid in each one of us.

The rafting was an enormously satisfying experience, made you feel small in a raft in the middle of a river and surrounded by hills. The attempts to synchronize the rafting, the cries of cheers, the tumbling at the rapids and the swimming in the river made it all worthwhile.

The tired journey back taught a lot, here are some of the take a ways from the whole trip

  1. Language can be a barrier when you miss the most catchy one liners, am so determined to learn Kannada (the local language of Karnataka, India)
  2. Cooking can be one of the most satisfying things a person can do, after all the way to a person’s heart is through his stomach.
  3. There are times when you just want to swim upstream and test your limits.
  4. Teamwork is not just about how well you do as a team and but also about competitiveness and stretching each individual’s limit amongst each other.


golliwog said...

what about some more lessons? or did you fall asleep?
and can you tell me how to subscribe to a blog... so then i can know when you post something.. if you post something